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Become a Web Developer Partner

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The EJS Center website was launched in 2020 and gradually evolved into a platform for the profiling of various streams of the Center’s work: highlighting its flagship Amujae Initiative and advocacy campaigns like #HaveHerBack, and “Spotlight COVID-19 Heroine”, publishing strategic research and keeping our audiences abreast of the Center’s and Madam Sirleaf’s other activities.

Since 2020, the EJS Center’s work has grown in scope and profile. This year, we have launched a new research platform linked to the site, the EJS Center Data Hub for Women’s Leadership in Public Governance, and we expect to expand the Amujae Initiative program with a new cohort this summer, bringing the number of women leaders profiled on the site to 45.

Consequently, we find our current website cannot reflect the breadth of our work, and its features and capabilities are slightly out of date, unable to meet our current demands and future ambitions.

Scope of Work

We seek a new provider to tender for a website redevelopment project. The work will include a complete website rebuild, with careful analysis of the current website to ensure that the new development incorporates some of the features and structure of our current site and completely new features and functionalities.

This is not an exhaustive list, and we hope to develop the exact specifications for other additional features in collaborative partnership with the winning provider and their team. Additional features designed based on joint discussions can then be priced separately from the initial budget.


A selection will be made by 30th June 2022, with a project completion date of November 2, 2022.

How to Submit

All proposals must be sent to, with the subject line: “EJS Center Website Project”

  • The proposal pack should also include:
    • A technical proposal that outlines the approach of your agency
    • Case studies of previous projects
    • Links to sites designed and developed
    • A detailed budget and project timeline (Please note that all invoices for professional services are subject to a 15% tax deduction in accordance with the Liberia tax code.)

The deadline for submissions is 11.59 pm GMT on June 24, 2022.

**Additional consideration will be given to women-led or partially women-owned development agencies.

Further Information

Please direct any questions regarding this Request for Proposals to: