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Spotlight a COVID-19 Heroine

ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF / Spotlight a COVID-19 Heroine

Spotlight a COVID-19 Heroine

For our “Spotlight a COVID-19 Heroine” initiative, the EJS Center invited men and women globally to nominate African women that deserve recognition for stepping up during the global pandemic and serving their communities, constituencies, or countries with distinction. Nominees came from a range of sectors and backgrounds, including healthcare, activism, civil service, education, and the arts, but what they all had in common was that they had demonstrated strong leadership and dedication to their communities by affecting positive change during these challenging times.

Now, from these nominees, we are selecting some of the most inspiring women to be profiled, raising awareness about their work and connecting them with fellow COVID-19 Heroines and a wider network of inspirational African women leaders. Successful nominees are being interviewed by the EJS Center and will each be the subject of an individual “COVID-19 Heroine” profile showcased on our website and social media channels. Nominators of successful candidates will also have the opportunity to be featured alongside the heroine’s profile on the EJS Center’s website, if they wish.

Through highlighting African COVID-19 Heroines, we aim to provide a platform to those whose efforts deserve wider recognition. We want to celebrate the many ways in which African women are leading and creating change across all levels of society.

Learn more about the COVID-19 Heroines.