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Have Her Back

#HaveHerBack: Learn more about the EJS Center’s campaign to mobilize male champions to advance gender equality

African women remain underrepresented in leadership across the public and private sectors. There are just five women serving as Prime Ministers and two serving as Presidents across the continent. Only one out of every four members of parliament is a woman. And women remain significantly outnumbered in the top ranks of African businesses.

With men holding the majority of leadership positions, they play a critical role in championing women’s advancement.

The #HaveHerBack campaign invited men across the continent to make concrete pledges to further women’s leadership in their spheres of influence. It also provides an opportunity for women to recognize the men who have supported them over the course of their careers—and encourage other men to follow their lead.

Learn more below!

See who has joined the campaign

Leaders from across the public and private sectors joined the #HaveHerBack campaign. See some of their pledges below.

Make a pledge to #HaveHerBack

If you’re a man who wants to #HaveHerBack, you can take part in the campaign in two ways:

1. Share a video pledge

Record a video of yourself pledging to #HaveHerBack, sharing one concrete step you plan to take to advance gender equality. End your video by nominating a man you know to join you in making a pledge.

Then post the video to your social media accounts, making sure to use the hashtag #HaveHerBack and tag our social media accounts in your posts. Please also @mention the man you nominated in your video so they can keep the campaign going by making their own pledge.

Our social handles can be found below:

2. Share one of the graphics provided below

If you prefer not to record a video, you can share one of the graphics below along with a post highlighting your pledge.

Sample post:

“Join me in supporting the @EJSCenter’s campaign to advance gender equality across Africa by sharing how you will #HaveHerBack. Find out more here:”

Download high-resolution graphics here.

As a woman, you can acknowledge someone who has had your back

How to acknowledge someone who has had your back:

1. Share a post on social media

Share a post via social media outlining how a specific man has supported you during your career and encourage others to do the same.

Make sure to use the hashtag #HaveHerBack and tag our social media accounts in your posts. Please also @mention the man you are recognizing.

Our social handles can be found below:

Sample text:

“As part of @EJSCenter’s #HaveHerBack campaign to highlight male champions of #genderequality, I want to thank [insert individual’s name / @mention] for supporting me in my career. Learn more about the campaign here:” 

Download high-resolution graphics here.